Single: £40

Joint (two people living at the same address): £65

Reductions of £5 (single) and £10 (joint) on membership payments made before 31 August.

Visitor: £7 (refunded if you decide to become a member)

Student (under 18): Free

Student (over 18): £10

Corporate membership: £50

Contact the membership secretary for membership information



September 2021

1.         The society shall be called “CERCLE FRANÇAIS DE BRIGHTON ET HOVE”.

2.         Its objectives shall be:

a)         to associate in a common bond of friendship French-speaking people in sympathy with France, and Francophone countries, and the French language.

b)         to create interest in the literature, history and institutions of France, and Francophone countries, by means of lectures, social intercourse, readings etc giving members the opportunity to speak French and to hear French spoken.

3.         It is the intent and policy of the Cercle, its Officers, Committee and members not to be influenced in any way by the background, position, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion, belief or ability of people encountered.

4.         The Annual General Meeting shall be held at the last meeting of each annual season, at which Officers, Committee and Auditor or Honorary Auditor for the forthcoming year shall be elected.  Nominations for the Committee shall be made available to the Membership Secretary in writing before the Annual General Meeting, if possible.  Nominations may also be made at such a meeting.  In either case the consent of the person proposed must be obtained before the nomination is made.  At such meetings the Annual Report of the Committee and the Financial Statement for the year, duly audited, shall be submitted.

5.         The annual subscription shall be fixed by the Annual General Meeting each year and will become due at the first meeting of each annual session.  Providing that clause (3) above is not infringed, the committee shall have the right to refuse to accept subscriptions without stating the reason for such a refusal.

6.         The Officers of the Cercle shall consist of a President, and the following four officers: Membership Programme, Treasurer and Medias.  The President shall be elected for a period of two years and may be re-elected.

8.         The Committee shall consist of no fewer than five and no more than ten members including the five Officers.

9.         The Committee shall manage the affairs of the Cercle; three members shall form a quorum.  The Committee shall have the right to co-opt members to the committee.

10.        All electronic and paper records containing the names, addresses and contact details of members shall be kept securely and shall not be communicated to third parties.

11.        A Special General Meeting of the Cercle may be convened at the discretion of the Committee or on the request of at least ten members addressed to the Membership Officer who shall thereupon call such a meeting giving at least fourteen days’ notice to all members.