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  1. The Brighton and Hove French Circle (Le Cercle Français de Brighton et Hove) holds and processes personal data relating to its own members and to members of the public who attend its events and activities. The society’s data controller is the chair of the Committee, who can be contacted via the society website.  The data protection officer is the membership secretary and can be contacted using the society website or by post at 12 Abbotts, 129 Kings Road, Brighton BN1 2FA.
  1. Personal data is used by the society to: 
  • communicate with its members about its activities and its areas of interest 
  • administer its members’ subscription payments 
  • administer the issuing of tickets for events 
  • organise activities involving volunteers
  1. Personal data is held on the basis of consent given by new members of the society or by members of public when they apply for or renew their membership or apply for an event ticket or offer to help the society as a volunteer. Data relating to existing members is held on the basis of the society’s legitimate interest in communicating with its members and administering their subscription payments.
  2. Those whose data is held by the society are entitled to view, amend, or require deletion of the personal information that the society holds about them. Requests for such action should be sent to the data protection officer (see 1 above). The society aims to reply to such requests within 6 weeks.
  1. Data about members is stored securely and processed by the membership secretary, the honorary treasurer and the communications co-ordinator, at their homes or offices. Occasionally and on a temporary basis, other committee members, who have taken on specific duties may store and process data about ticket holders and volunteers securely at their homes or offices. In the case of venue- and/or travel-based events data may also be passed to and processed by venue managers, travel agents and hotels. 
  1. Data held by the society relating to ticket holders will be deleted securely not more than three months after the end of the event to which their ticket relates or, in the case of cancelled or postponed events, not more than twelve months after the date of the cancelled or postponed event.
  1. Data held relating to volunteers who are not members will be deleted not more than six months after the project on which they are working has ended.
  1. On request (with reasonable notice) any person whose data is stored by the society may require the society to cease storing and processing it on the understanding that this may result in their ceasing to be a member or to be entitled to attend a ticketed event or to work as a volunteer. 
  1. Anyone whose personal data is stored or processed by the society is entitled to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office ( ) if they believe that the society is storing or processing their personal data in a way that fails to comply with data protection legislation.

This statement was reviewed by the committee of the society on 1 May 2024 and will be reviewed when required.